Good buildings do more than just
protect us and give shelter, it empowers
and inspires people through a better living.

A project that is worthy, understands
its user, understands the surrounding and
play a major role in making things feel natural.
SES is a modern architecture studio in Munich
willing to innovate, we propose the
development of a brand that interacts with
space, with the people and represents the
dynamics of its users merging shapes and
new technology.

A moving brand for dynamic spaces
The development of the logo for SES was
created with the principle of adapting to
the light and use of space to produce
different shapes and color schemes.
By scanning the environment a basic
shape can become more or less excited,
more vibrant on colors and be reactive to
the motion of the people around it,
creating a dialog.


Based on generative principles the brand
was built in 3D to allow richer color
shadings and effects but also to explore
texture and perspectives creating
abstract landscapes to be key visuals
and interactive experiences. 

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