MINI VISION NEXT 100 is a unique
concept car though for the future of mobility.
2017 BMW celebrate 100 years and
for each of their product lines, they created
products that show how the future will be.

I had the chance to work together with 
BECC agency to create the look of the 
MINI VISION NEXT 100 for all
printed and digital media.
The process of designing first in 3D and then
take to the studio was an awesome experience.


For two days dozens of tests were made using digital simulation like Cinema 4D and Photoshop to
ensure that the complicated alignment of the elements would result in the desired effect.
Also, it works as a single point of truth for the client, photographer, stage designer
and the agency to define resources and streamline the entire process.

Promotional video

Below you can watch the promotional video done by MINI/BWM to explain the concept behind the MINI of the future.

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