While traveling, usually there is very little time to get familiar with all the stations, buses,
trains and all sort of information that you dive into. We get lost taking wrong trains or taking
the right one but in the wrong direction. With accurate information at your fingertips, you
can enjoy more your brief stay in Germany. So why not create an app that makes the
life of a tourist easier and more productive?

the go button

This is the DB GO button, your only step to get wherever you want to go.
It's a locator, ticket holder, tourist guide and full-time companion to give you all vital
information and services you need. Everything you need just one click away.
DB GO is designed to run automatically in the background, without the need of
frequent user interactions, so even when you are offline and without GPS signal,
the app will tell you exactly what station you are and how to get to where you want.

Audio signature

Your station audio recognition works listening to the already existent audio system of the subways.
A exclusive audio sign is attributed to each single station of Deutsche Bahn, and a internal automatic
 system compares the audio info and delivers instantly at your home screen where you are.
When you approaches your desired destination the vibrator and a audio ring informs you how
 many stops till you get there. But if you take the wrong way, it will also tell you what to do.


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